I had my six week check up yesterday with Doctor Risky. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I got this. Again. *Grumble Grumble* Anyway. I brought Annabel with me because I wanted Dr. Risky and her staff to see the little girl we all worked so hard for. And because I like to show her off because I think she’s kind of adorable. It was great to see them all coo over her. I hope Dr. Risky was proud of how healthy and gigantic Annie already is (up almost three pounds since birth, omg).

My exam went fine, Dr. Risky said I have healed well and she cleared me to resume normal activity. I’m actually kind of looking forward to exercising. Of course, ask me again in the morning when it’s time for me to go to the gym. I’ll be singing a verrrrry different tune. But before I go to the gym I am going back to physical therapy to get my hips and back in a bit better shape. I’m hoping my physical therapist can make some good and easy suggestions to help get me back into shape. Emphasis on easy. Hopefully something involving eating cookies.

Speaking of cookies, there is one thing that isn’t quite right. In the last six weeks, I’ve had to check my blood sugar a few times to see how my body is adjusting to no longer being pregnant. The good news is that my blood sugar after I eat is normal. The weird news is that my fasting blood sugar (my blood sugar when I wake up) is way too high. It should be 90 or below, and it has been 111, 110, 135, 100, and 140. Dr. Risky thought that it is a little weird but she was encouraged that my post-meal blood sugar is at a normal level. But, to be sure, I am going to mention it to Dr. Looove when I bring Annabel in for her two month appointment in a few weeks.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m not snacking overnight or eating gobs of sugar before bed. I’m hoping this isn’t a precursor to type two diabetes.

I told Annie what was going on and she was like, “whaaaaa?”
milk a wha?

I’m glad she’s sympathetic.