While I was laying on the operating table waiting to get the word on whether I’d be awake for my daughter’s birth, Dr. Risky came and sat near my head. She started talking to me about my scar and laid out some options. As I’d mentioned, my former OB left me with a crooked scar from Madeline’s c-section. Dr. Risky wasn’t wild about it being crooked, so she said she could even it out, leaving a bit of the old scar, or try to make the crooked line work. I elected to keep a bit of the old scar. I have the best of both worlds now – an even scar (which, really, I couldn’t care less about) and my two girls’ scars now connect and intertwine on my belly.

After Annabel was born and my surgery was just about over, I was breathing into my oxygen mask when I suddenly heard an unmistakable noise. It was a STAPLE GUN SOUND! I shouted, “That is the creepiest noise I have EVER HEARD!” I don’t recommend shouting on the operating table, by the way. The doctors did not appreciate it. I looked at Mike and said, “I am going to barf OMG,” I also don’t recommend saying that unless you actually mean it, because the anesthesia resident jumped up to adjust my IVs before she realized I wasn’t entirely serious. Just thinking about the noise of the staple gun is making me dry heave.

Now I have to be clear about something – I was never worried about staples actually hurting. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to feel much – if anything – down there. It is all mental. I had a dressing on the incision for the first 36 hours, but when an OB resident came to remove the dressing early Sunday morning I freaked a little. I couldn’t believe they were just going to leave it exposed! And then I had to go home before they were removed. I REFUSED to look at the staples – I had Mike check them to make sure everything looked OK. When I went in to Dr. Risky’s office to have the staples removed, I seriously had to go to my happy place. Unfortunately, I could still hear her drop each staple onto the paper draping…all fourteen of them. GAG.

Something that no one warned me about after my first c-section was the terrible gas pain. I know, you hear gas pain and you’re like, TOO MUCH INFORMATION. But it’s not your typical gas pain from eating a burrito. This is drop me to my knees, make me scream pain that comes on really suddenly as it moves around in my intestines. It. Is. Awful. I am taking medicine for it, which helps a bit, but MAN. I did remember how bad the gas was after my first c-section. The first time it hit I was standing at Madeline’s incubator and I honestly thought I was dying. Luckily there was a nurse nearby that recognized the signs and told me it was normal. Thanks for the warning, Former OB (yet another reason why she is my former OB).

Annabel is doing great. She had the tiniest bit of jaundice when we left the hospital, but it was just about gone when she went for her first check up with Dr. Looove. Unfortunately yesterday it came roaring back, so we had to take her to get some blood work. She needs to repeat it again today so hopefully her bilirubin numbers will be on the way down instead of up. Fingers crossed!

What’s that, you want to see a picture of a naked yellow baby? Well I will give you one.

kind of yellow but so cute

She is my little Lemon Head.