As of this past Sunday, I am thirty-six weeks pregnant. If you’re bad at math (like me) that means I’m nine months along. Want to see what nine months pregnant looks like?

36weeks 2days

That’s the pleasant side view. Then there is the HOLY CRAP head-on view:

18/365: nine months

Mike says that’s the scariest picture ever. Well, PRETEND IT’S YOUR STOMACH, MIKE!

It IS very uncomfortable. I’m not sleeping much. I have been having a lot of contractions, and in general my body is really tired. But I can’t complain, because in just four days? I will be officially full-term.

When Doctor Risky came into my exam room yesterday, she reminded me of this, and then she and Mike did a happy little dance while I shifted around on the table. We’ve all worked really hard to make it to this point and we are THISCLOSE to achieving our goal of a full-term Binky.

During my exam we talked about the increased contractions I’ve been having. They haven’t been regular, but they’ve been coming with a bit more frequency and a lot more intensity. My fundal height is still way ahead of the curve. So keeping all this in mind, Dr. Risky has me on strict orders to call her office or Labor and Delivery if I have four contractions in an hour, even if they are irregular. She’s being very conservative about my previous c-section scar and really does not want me going into labor.

We then talked about my medications. On Saturday I will give myself my last shot of blood thinner! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! I’m still going to take my anti-contraction medications until 24 hours before my c-section.

That, of course, brings up the million-dollar question – when will my c-section be? Dr. Risky was originally talking about having my c-section sometime in February, but with the baby’s size and my contractions, she is considering a change of plans. She decided to schedule an ultrasound for next Tuesday. Depending on the results, my c-section could possibly be bumped up to next week!

Our main concern has always been what’s best for Binky. If coming next week is the best, we are thrilled that she’ll be here so soon. But if Dr. Risky decides she needs more time, she’ll be a February baby.

Unless, of course, Binky takes matters into her own hands and sends me into labor. It would be just like one of my kids to want to do things her own way.