I saw Dr. Risky this week for the first time in a month. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing her (she missed my last appointment due to jury duty), and I did not like it. I know that normal pregnancies only require monthly visits with an OB…maybe if I’d ever had one of those “normal” pregnancies I’d think a month between visits was no big whoop. But going a month without seeing my actual doctor was realllllly testing my resolve to be happy and zen. Especially this week, when I’m already a sobby sobby mess AND I also passed Maddie’s gestational age (the terrible timing of this has made it hard for me to process).

This was also my first appointment since my gestational diabetes diagnosis two weeks ago. The good news is that my diet has totally kept my sugars under control. Dr. Risky and her nurses were really surprised, because during Annie’s pregnancy I had to go on an oral medication to help control my blood glucose levels. So far, it looks like I’m going to be able to avoid that. It’s been a bit rough figuring out what the new “safe” foods are for my hyperemesis. My go-to foods (basically the BRAT diet) all push my blood sugar too high, so I’ve been more sick than usual while I search for replacements. As I’ve said repeatedly, I cannot wait to not think about food all the time.

I’m still measuring large (my fundal height is putting me three weeks ahead), but I am still losing weight. So, as predicted, Dr. Risky scheduled me for an ultrasound at my next appointment. Annnnd, at my next appointment we’ll start discussing the “end game,” meaning when we hope to schedule my c-section, when I’ll go off all my blood thinners, etc. I cannot wait to start making a plan so I can pretend that I have control over the situation. YAY for fooling myself!

Dr. Risky’s off-handed quote of the appointment: “You are going to be so skinny by the end of this pregnancy.”

Me: “That’s the weirdest thing a doctor has ever said to me.”

I’m feeling really big:


So I broke out the measuring tape to see where the belly is at:

my "waist" - 29w6d
my assistant rocks

I went back and checked, and I’m measuring about half an inch further than I was at this point in Annie’s pregnancy. And Annie was a whopping…six pounds half an ounce. So who. freaking. knows. how much this baby will weigh.

Then Annie said, “Mama, measure my tummy!”

annie's waist

Strangely, this didn’t make me feel smaller.