We’re back in California and the last day of traveling really wore me out. I only got a few hours of sleep the night before we flew back from Boston, which didn’t help my comfort level on the 6 1/2 hour flight. I’m certain my extreme tiredness had everything to do with how crappy I’ve felt since our return. Yesterday I threw up a lot, although I was also very nervous about my appointment with Dr. Risky, so I’m sure that was part of my unease too.

I decided to take the tocolytic Indocin as it was prescribed last week. From my research, a week on the drug wouldn’t do any harm, and since I was going to be more active than normal Mike and I figured it would be a good idea. Yet, ever since I started taking the Indocin, my contractions have been more often. We brought this up to Dr. Risky, along with our other concerns about the drug. She is so great in that she listens to all of our questions, and then takes as much time as we need until we reach a decision that we’re all comfortable with. She also checked my cervix (OUCH) and luckily everything is OK in there. Still, these contractions need to go away. I was reading some of the risks involved with contractions and classical c-section scars, and they aren’t good.

I am on an extremely low dose of the Indocin. It’s a drug that, at a higher dose, would carry many risks, but there is also a window during the pregnancy where it can be taken when the risks are lower. At this point in my pregnancy, it’s the best option for reducing contractions (I’ll have more options when I hit 24 weeks). The only potentially bad side effect is that it can reduce amniotic fluid. Dr. Risky measured my stomach today and said everything is on track, but next week I’ll have an in-depth ultrasound to make sure Binky’s amniotic fluid levels are up to par.

In the meantime, I am going to continue taking the Indocin. Dr. Risky told me to keep my activity level low this week, so hopefully between my rest and the drug my contractions will slow down, or even go away entirely. I’m really hopeful this works – I have one more business trip scheduled for the end of the month and I really want to go on it if I can. I’ll be OK with whatever Dr. Risky decides, but I will be very sad if she says I can’t go.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Binky next week. It will have been a month since the last time we saw her, and I am so anxious to see how she’s changed. At this point in my pregnancy with Madeline I was getting at least one – usually two – ultrasounds a week, and I am feeling the emotional strain from not being able to see with my own eyes what’s going on in there.

On a side note – someone nominated me for a “Mommy Blog Award” through thebump.com. I’m really honored, so thanks to whoever nominated me! The person with the most votes in my category will be entered to compete for the title of “Best Overall Blog” and $1,000. If I win, I’m going to give the money to Friends of Maddie. So a vote for me is a vote to give forty NICU families support packs. Voting closes October 19th, so please vote for for us!!