I had my weekly OB appointment yesterday. Binky is doing great and Dr. Risky is very pleased with his/her growth. There are no blood clots! Unfortunately, MY PLACENTA!!! is still the rub. While it is forming really well, its position is still cause for concern. It’s the kind of thing that would normally be a complete non-issue, but because the most common side effect of low-lying placenta is bleeding, it’s an issue for me. If I bleed at ALL I have to go to the emergency room. Thanks, blood thinners! So I have to keep my activity level very low for the next week, until my next appointment. NOT bed rest, but no unnecessary activity allowed.

Dr. Risky gave me her weekly lecture about my weight loss. You see, I have this problem when I’m pregnant – I CAN NOT gain weight. Why can’t I have this problem when I’m NOT pregnant? Normally I walk by the bakery in the grocery store and I gain two pounds, but now I can’t buy an ounce. A lot of it has to do with my nausea levels. So far, my morning sickness has mirrored my pregnancy with Madeline. With both, I had CONSTANT nausea for the first nine weeks. After that, the nausea would come and go but I had major food aversions. Eating is a struggle for me. I’ve started drinking protein shakes and Ensure (which sucks, because it reminds me of Maddie’s bottles of pediasure) every day to help me with the calories. Of course, they only help when I can keep them down.

We discussed my migraine and what possible treatments we could explore should I get another one. I’ve suffered from migraines my whole life. When I was in junior high and high school, I got them multiple times per week. As I got older, I got them with less frequency, and now I only get them about twice a year. Except for when I’m pregnant. Dr. Risky asked what medicines I’ve tried for migraines (ALL of them) and what worked (NONE of them). She doesn’t want to experiment with migraine drugs while I’m pregnant, but the next time I get a migraine we’re going to talk and evaluate if I should come in for fluids and pain medicines. Blerg.

I really love Dr. Risky. She treats Mike and I like the veteran patients we are. She doesn’t talk down to us, she treats us with respect, and she takes the time to explain and answer any questions we might have. It’s so wonderful to deal with a doctor like her. I feel safe in her hands.

When we came home I spent some time looking through photos of Madeline, and I came across an ultrasound picture of Maddie that was taken at the exact same gestational age we’re at with Binky. It’s fascinating to me to see how the body develops. It’s also really cool to see the similarities between the two of them. They have the same profile!



Same cute nose, same giant head. I don’t know where these kids got their giant heads. My head and forehead are completely average. Oh wait…

Heather & Mike

Ah yes. They have their daddy’s Spohr Head.