Yesterday was my follow-up with Dr. Risky about my allergic reaction. Her office staff went crazy over the photos of my face. They are definitely startling! The nurses were all like, “Be SURE to show those to Dr. Risky.”

When she walked into the exam room she said, “I hear you have pictures!” I handed her my phone and she flipped – she felt so bad for me. She laughed at my recounting of the experience (I still can’t believe I was so certain it was just a migraine reaction – I blame my other drugs for slowing down my brain), but then got serious. She said I was probably only a few minutes away from my throat closing up (my throat clearing was the first indicator of that, she said), and that she was so relieved we live close to an emergency room.

She did say that these sorts of allergies can just develop out of nowhere, and she’s seen it dozens of times. She also said there’s really no way of knowing if my allergy is indocin/indomethacin specific, or if it applies to all the drugs in that family. So I said, “What other drugs are in that family?” and she replied, “Well, all the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs…naproxen, motrin, ibuprofen…” I stopped her there. “Wait. So like…Advil? And Ibuprofen? Naproxen! What am I going to take after I have this baby?!” She said that I can try any of those, but I might have the same reaction. In other words, I’m going to be biting on a rag while I recover from my c-section. FUN FOR EVERYONE.

As far as my contractions go, my options are now limited there as well. Indocin is the most effective drug, but that is obviously off the table. I’m not far enough along for Dr. Risky to comfortably prescribe me Nifedipine, and she doesn’t want to give me terbutaline as it’s a pretty hard-core option that would require a lot more monitoring, and we both agreed that these contractions aren’t really warranting something that intense. Hopefully they won’t ever get to that point. So I just have to be extremely conscientious about my hydration (which is hard with my nausea, but I do my best), keep track of my contractions and take it easy when necessary.

I finally am showing! I still have people saying, “Almost six months? But you’re so small…” But whatever. At least I look pregnant!


Next week is viability. Next week I can BREATHE….at least a little easier.