Only one baby in there, I swear
13 weeks 1 day

seriously, only one baby.
17 weeks 2 days

Binky Belly 24w3d
24 weeks 3 days

Binky is moving along well, and it is such a comfort and relief. Things have been a little bit rougher for me but nothing awful. My sudden crazy upper back and neck pain has been super annoying but it all checks out OK and it’s nothing I can’t handle. My blood pressure has been kind of wild. High one day (132/83 is significantly above my baseline BP), and then extremely low the next day (83/40 is low for ANYONE). It makes taking my blood pressure every day feel like my own weigh-in scene on The Biggest Loser – I never know what the number is going to be.

I actually ended up calling Labor and Delivery over the weekend when my pressure stayed persistently low and I spoke with the on-call doctor. There was talk of me going int0 L&D for monitoring, but it was decided I’d stay home with clear instructions on when to come in and luckily I never got to that point. Two years ago I was admitted to the hospital with Madeline still in my belly. Walking into Labor and Delivery two years later (to the day) would have seriously tripped my brain.

I spend most of my days taking it easy. Dr. Risky wants me to be careful, but I’m not on bed rest so I can still go out, as long as I don’t over exert myself. Mike has been WONDERFUL picking up my slack, but sometimes I gotta get out of the house and grocery shop with him.

my sweet ride at Trader Joe's

What, like Mike is going to let me walk through the store? I can’t get away with anything around here.