I had my weekly prenatal appointment yesterday. I walked into the office feeling a little nauseous. I sat down hoping that the inevitable wait time would help settle my stomach. Of course, I was called back instantly. Dr. Risky’s nurse greeted me and walked us back to her station. By the end of the walk, I knew I was going to be sick, and I was prepared to knock down any pregnant women that got in my way. I got into the bathroom just in time. When I was done, Dr. Risky was waiting outside. She asked how I was doing, so I confirmed that I’d just thrown up. She looked concerned, which surprised me. I figured women threw up in her office all the time.

After my weigh-in and ketone check, Dr. Risky mumbled something to her nurse, and then Mike and I were taken into the ultrasound room instead of the regular exam room. Because of this, I expected my ketones were probably through the roof again, but actually they were lower than last week. I also gained a quarter pound (yet, I’m still below my pre-pregnancy weight). But, Dr. Risky was still worried and wanted to check on the baby.

I had a super-short ultrasound – long enough to hear the heartbeat and for the doctor to get a crown to rump measurement. Everything is looking good for Binky! Good growth, so despite my food and weight struggles, the baby hasn’t been adversely effected. Dr. Risky didn’t get the money gender shot but that wasn’t even discussed – we just wanted to make sure the baby was OK. She also confirmed that there are no clots or separations, and the cramps I’ve been feeling off and on the last week don’t appear to have been actual contractions that have changed anything inside.

Dr. Risky upped my anti-nausea medication, told me I should start to feel like eating soon, and sent us on our way. I really REALLY hope that’s true. We have another appointment next week so she can check my weight/ketones/etc. It’s not scheduled to be an ultrasound appointment at this point, but who know what will happen.

We did get one great picture of our little Binky:

I love that we can see the whole body. This is probably the last week that we’ll be able to. As it is, the legs were almost impossible to see thanks to their length and the kicking. Do you see the little face there? I zoomed the picture below so you can really see Binky’s facial features.

I think Binky looks just like me.