A couple weeks ago my then-39 weeks pregnant friend Emily took a measurement of her belly and put a picture of it up on twitter. It measured a little more than 47 inches around, and I was like HOLEEEEE CRAP. That’s gigantic. Yesterday I grabbed a measuring tape and wrapped it around my belly. I figured if Emily was 47 inches at 39 weeks, I’d be around, oh, 37 – 38 inches at 29 weeks.


I measured about 87 times because ohmigah. I knew my belly was measuring big but Dr. Risky speaks in centimeters and that might as well be German. This is America, I don’t speak metric! (But my measuring tape also has centimeters on it, and did you know how SMALL 10cm is? I am so glad she’s not coming out that way.)

Now we know WHY Binky is measuring so big. Earlier this week I took the gestational diabetes test, and it turns out I failed. No shock there since I also had gestational diabetes with Madeline. Dr. Risky’s nurse called me at home on Tuesday to give me the results, and told me that the doctor would go over everything with me at my appointment on Wednesday. So, I started planning my final fun meals, but SOMEONE had OTHER ideas. Someone named Mike. He had to be all responsible and insist I start my diabetic diet immediately. So he made me a dinner of steamed healthy things.

diabetes is not tasty
I don’t know what any of this is.

Being healthy is no fun.

My appointment with Dr. Risky was otherwise uneventful. I lost half a pound (see what happens when I go without sugar for 24 hours!) but everything else checked out well. I see a nutritionist on Friday and she is going to help me figure out a diet plan. Because I still have my nausea and, ahem, regurgitation issues, she has her work cut out for her.

I picked up my glucometer and test strips after my appointment.

Starting Thursday morning, I will test my fasting blood sugar as soon as I wake up, then test an hour after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I only have experience testing on my fingers, but I think those will get sore quickly so I’ll have to explore some of the other approved testing areas (forearm, thigh, etc).

Yeah, it kind of sucks that I can’t stuff my face with Christmas cookies and pies, but it’s only for a couple more months and HOPEFULLY the diabetes will be diet controlled and won’t require insulin shots. And, it goes away after Binky is born, so I am lucky and can’t complain.

So, who wants to guess how many inches my stomach will be in two months? Only 17.5 inches until my belly circumference matches my height.