So I had a cesarean section ten days ago. As a refresher, I had to have a c-section this time around because the emergency c-section I had for Madeline was a classical cut and blah blah medical jargon a repeat cesarean was necessary. So you’d think, since I’ve known ever since the day Madeline was born that I’d have c-sections for all my repeat pregnancies, that I would have been a LITTLE more mentally prepared for this round. But, no. I lived in a nice little bubble of denial.

Flash to the day Annabel was born. I found myself laying on the operating table not entirely sure what the hell had happened because I’d lost consciousness, and suddenly I was getting a catheter before my anesthesia (DO! NOT! RECOMMEND!), extra IVs placed because I was a “bleeding and crash risk,” OH and I had to get numbing medicine shot into my spinal column – and my husband wasn’t in the room with me to hold my hand. So instead I crushed the hand of a second year resident. I hope she wasn’t in charge of cutting anything important. I could feel a little bit of a panic coming on, you know, OH MY GOD I’M ABOUT TO HAVE MY INSIDES ON THE OUTSIDE! But then Mike came in and the surgery started and that was that. So I think my denial bubble was a nice place to be.

However. Instead of preparing for the surgery, I really should have been preparing for the recovery. My recovery period after Madeline’s birth was a joke – I never took it easy, I spent all day in the NICU at her bedside, and I ran on adrenaline. I blocked out a lot of the physical pain I felt because the emotional pain was much larger. I really had no idea what to expect this time around. And, so far it’s been alright. I am super sore – my skin just aches (but no stretch marks!!) and my incision is sensitive. My back is killing me and I won’t even get started on my boobs. But honestly, it hasn’t been that bad. I’ve been resting as much as I can. My mom and Mike have been helping me immensely with Annabel. It’s been a very good recovery so far.

But I know you’re thinking, “Heather, you said you’d take post-baby pictures of your belly!” And I am true to my word.

Distracting you from the belly with the cute baby
I am distracting you from my belly with the cute baby

Considering how gigantic my belly was ten days ago, I am satisfied with how much it’s gone down. I did the Snoopy dance (you know, nose in the air) when I weighed myself for the first time after giving birth. I felt like I was on The Biggest Loser! I don’t care if the majority of that was baby – how often does a person lose double digits in a week? But then I had a humbling experience. You see, I had to switch off the big mesh panties the hospital gives postpartum women because I was so itchy from the c-section drugs. I had my mom pick me up some underwear at Target and…holy crap it’s humongous.

yes, it is really that big
again using the baby to distract you

If you have a keen eye you might have noticed that I had to do some, um, adjusting to the waist band.

well this is embarassing

The shame! Except not really. My adjusted undies are super comfy.

And now I will cleanse your palate with a baby picture!

sleeping beauty