Ever since my 30th week of pregnancy (when my body decided to go crazy and send me to Labor and Delivery three times in a week), I’ve been thinking about my hospital bag. When I was pregnant with Madeline, my hospital bag was packed differently. I knew I’d be in the hospital for a long stay, and that I most likely wouldn’t be leaving the hospital at the same time as my baby. This time I am hopefully only going to be in the hospital for a few days, and Binky will be coming home with me. I realized I had no idea what to pack.

I turned to twitter for advice and got TONS of ideas. I realized that a lot of what I brought when I was on hospital bed rest would still apply. One key difference this time is that I’ll be able to wear my own clothes (if I want) instead of hospital gowns. I can’t stress how awesome this is. I get weekly updates about my pregnancy from TheBump.com, so I skipped ahead a few weeks (ironically to week 35, where I am now) to see what they suggested for a hospital bag. Their list is great – they list by essentials, the stuff you don’t HAVE to have but might want, and the stuff to leave at home. It helped me whittle down a lot of my list.

So this is the final-ish list of what’s in my hospital bag:

Um. So. Yeah. What does Mike need? I don’t have any idea if he needs anything special. When I was on hospital bed rest, Mike came and went as necessary. This time he’ll stay with me and Binky the entire time, so I want to be sure to have everything he might need.

As is my way, I’m now wondering what else I’ve forgotten. I had a phone list packed, but then we signed up for this awesome service that will call all our friends and family for us. Instead of a notebook and pen and a separate DVD player, I’m bringing a laptop that functions as all those things.

What am I forgetting? Help a mama out!

Also, today is the 11th, which means 11% of all sales made today at Kinga’s Kreations will be donated to Friends of Maddie!