Thirty three weeks! I am going to make a paper chain for Annabel so she can tear off a link for every day until the baby’s arrival, but it’s really for me. I am strugggggling these days. I’m doing my best to power through, but like I mentioned the other day, I really just want to sleep. I’ve entered the everything hurts stage. My hips/back/bladder/ribs are all screaming thanks to the incredibly growing baby. I definitely put a mental block on that from my last pregnancy. It doesn’t help that Annabel wants hugs! And to be held! And carried! I can’t carry thirty six pounds of toddler right now, sorry Annabel. Use those legs I grew ya.

Yesterday when I saw Dr. Risky I had a fetal fibronectin test (the test for preterm labor) and I flopped back onto the table so hard I knocked the wind out of myself. Dr. Risky laughed at me and said, “you sound like an old lady!” I can’t help it, I am carrying a bazillion pounds of baby and laying on my back is hard, yo.

My FFN came back negative, and the even better news is that I will never have to get another FFN test as long as I live! YAY! (It’s really not bad, it’s basically like a pap smear, but who wants one of those once a week? NOT ME!) When Dr. Risky’s nurse measured my stomach, she told me that I was “measuring consistently.” Code for still big. But that’s fine by me, the bigger The Acrobat is, the better. Even if it means he destroys my body in the process.

Before I saw Dr. Risky, I made a little trip to see Dr. Looove. Remember that um, skin tag problem I had? Well it’s finally been taken care of. There was some debate between Dr. Looove and her nurses about how to numb the area until I finally said, “I don’t care if you numb the area at ALL, just take it offffffff.” But Dr. Looove is cool and gave me a shot…in the area…to numb my skin before she removed the tag. I really wish I could use the numbing solution before I breastfed! That stuff was amazing.


It looks to me that the baby has dropped. I can also vouch for this because I am suddenly finding myself in the bathroom much more often than usual.

I’ve decided to set small goals for each day to help force myself to start getting ready for the baby. Yes, I will definitely leave Mike to the cleaning and organizing that he’s itching to do. But there are things I need to do, and they can mostly be done from a semi-prone position. So now I just have to actually do them. I feel bad that I have hardly anything done for this little guy. I’m so excited to meet him and I don’t want him to ever think otherwise. I’m just tiiiiiired. Someday, if he ever has a pregnant wife, I’ll make sure he understands.