I always hear about pregnant women who go through an extreme cleaning phase during pregnancy. You know, they stay up all night and clean everything, or organize, or whatever. Lots of my friends went through this. But me, not so much. I have never, ever had the urge to clean during any of my pregnancies. I’ve never felt compelled to organize everything. Other than getting cross with anyone who made my hospital room messy when I was on bed rest with Madeline (I thought it was disrespectful to the hospital staff), I’ve never been bothered by clutter…which is unfortunate because things are getting very cluttered around this house.

I went to Ikea a couple weeks ago with Annie (which, sidebar, NEVER AGAIN) and bought some organizing stuff and it’s all just sitting in a pile, waiting to be put together…and I love putting stuff together. I can’t motivate to get the nursery ready. Mike has to practically carry me into my bedroom at night because the idea of getting off the couch and walking to my bedroom sounds like too much effort. And I feel badly about myself and my complete lack of drive or enthusiasm, but apparently not badly enough to even feign the tiniest smidge of interest in…anything, really.

Mike keeps telling me not to feel bad about this. He reminds me that I’m not feeling great, and that’s true…I am absolutely exhausted, my body hurts all the time, I’m always hungry but everything makes me sick, and I have about twenty seven layers of bruises on my stomach. It blows but it’s worth it yadda yadda five! more! weeks! (this is what I chant to myself whenever I start wanting to whine). But, yadda yadda, stuff has to get done, and I am stressing about it all yet simultaneously saying things  like, “meh, I don’t need to do laundry…the baby can just wear diapers as clothes, it’s going to be hot outside.”

Mike, however, is on overdrive. He wants to clear out everything. He wants to have a garage sale. He wants to rent a dumpster. MIKE GOT THE NESTING GENE. When he tells me he’s going to spend one of his weekend days completely organizing our office, or clearing out our garage, I should be like, “Yipee!!!!” right? Especially since he tells me he’ll handle it all and truly expects nothing from me. And yet, I’m just like, “Ugggggh, where is my burst of energy, I want to be the one that does that!” which is ridiculous because it doesn’t matter who gets the stuff done, it just matters that it gets done!

So, in case you couldn’t follow along….I don’t want to do any of the prep work, but I don’t want anyone else to do it, but I want it to somehow magically be done (preferably by me). Pregnancy makes me such a rational dream of a person! But really, I am sort of wondering if there is something wrong with me that I just can’t seem to get excited or motivated. I’m in the final stretch! This is the exciting time!I need to break out the cleaning wipes and get to it!

And yet, I just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head…and I don’t think that’s what they mean by “nesting.”