I had my weekly visit with Dr. Risky today. At 33 plus weeks, I was fully expecting a cervix check. My contractions have been well maintained with my latest prescription, but the ones that do sneak through have increased in intensity. Luckily, I escaped without any internal prodding. Victory! Dr. Risky was also pleased with the way the blood sugar medication I’ve been on for the last week has been working. I was afraid she was going to say I needed insulin because my morning blood sugar levels have been very low, but she didn’t. Double victory! My belly is still measuring ahead – my doctor doesn’t go by my stomach’s circumference since that can vary so wildly from woman to woman. Instead she goes by fundal height = the distance from the top of my pelvis to the top of my uterus. Usually the rule is however many weeks you are is how many centimeters your fundal height should be. So, I should be 33ish cm. Today I measured almost four centimeters bigger. So next week I get an ultrasound. Triple victory!

Thanks to gigantic Binky, my belly is getting in the way of everything. It’s huge and I am constantly bumping it into things. But, it’s useful, too. People get out of my way when they see me coming. I’m offered seats in waiting rooms. And of course, it is a built-in table. A month and a half ago I posted a picture of Rigby laying on my belly.

resting comfortably on my belly

She doesn’t like to climb on my belly as much anymore because Binky kicks her. But, every now and then I’ll still cruise around the house with her on her perch. She’s gotta enjoy it while she can.

Mike went out to dinner last night and I amused myself by balancing things on my belly. When Mike came home I told him, and he got excited to see what exactly could sit upon my built-in.

My diabetes testing supplies, for example;

My diabeetus testing supplies

or Mike’s Incredible Hulk doll;

Hulk Smash

I’m sorry, I’ve just been informed it’s a collectible action figure. My bad.

The remote control, of course. I have strict TV watching rules, you know.

Binky controls the remote

Mike was thrilled to discover he has a new place to leave his empty Diet Coke cans:

Mike's favorite drink

Unfortunately, there is plenty of room for sugar free snacks.

sugar free shelf

But luckily, there is also room for the original Spohrhead.

resting on the belly

I’m pretty fond of the belly…I might even miss it when it’s gone!