Annie and I both had medical visits yesterday. Since Dr. Looove and Dr. Risky’s offices are close to each other, and since we live decidedly un-close to both of them, I made Annie’s appointment for 45 minutes before mine…and then checked the clock every five seconds to make sure we’d be out of there in time to make it to my appointment.

Luckily, Annie was only there to get the flu shot so she only needed to see a nurse. She was in rare form. She’s been very into Doc McStuffins lately, which is the cutest freaking show ever. She was singing, “Time for a checkup! Time for a checkup!” in the waiting room, to the delight of probably no one, because every other person in that waiting room had the plague flu. I kept her singing quietly and we were called back fast. Annie was really hoping she’d get to see Dr. Looove, and we ran into her in the hallway. Annie loves her (like we all do), and is excited to spend some time with her in a few weeks when she has her three-year well-baby (well-child?) visit.

She got a bit nervous before her shot, but I reminded her that a) she’s had shots before and been okay, and b) mama gets a shot every night and is okay. The nurse was gentle and Annie whined a bit but – no surprise – a Sesame Street band-aid and a princess sticker made her feel alllllll better. The nurse even let her pick out a toy, and Annie grabbed a car. It’s like she knows she needs to prep for a brother.

After Annie’s shot, she and Mike dropped me off at Dr. Risky’s office (Annie isn’t allowed in the waiting room or office). I for sure scared the crap out of a newly-pregnant woman with my violent puking (she was sitting near the bathroom), and then she was close enough to hear Dr. Risky’s nurses ask me all sorts of unpleasant questions about my weight-loss, vomiting, nausea, diet, and heartburn. Congrats on your pregnancy, terrified woman!

I have an ultrasound scheduled for next week, so yesterday was mostly a visit to check on me, although we did hear The Acrobat’s heartbeat with the Doppler. I am small, but next week they’ll be measuring my amniotic fluid, which can sometimes take a hit in HG moms.


Over the last two weeks I’ve been hit incredibly hard with heartburn, and when I told Dr. Risky she said, “Finally a problem I can absolutely fix!” I’m starting on a prescription antacid because the OTC remedies I’d tried weren’t making a huge dent. My heartburn also made my nausea 1000 times worse, and vomiting with heartburn is hell. Do not recommend.

Thanks to the massive flu outbreak, Dr. Risky specifically told me not to go to the ER for fluids. I’ve had the flu shot but, you know…yuck. She needs to work something out for me, though, because I will need fluids before I hit the Labor & Delivery’s magical 20-week requirement to be treated on their floor.

When I met up with Annie and Mike afterwards, Annie was very disappointed that Dr. Risky didn’t give me a sticker. ME TOO, ANNIE. I need to fill out a comment form.