I am thirty-two weeks pregnant today. Eight months! And yes, it does feel more like eighteen months. I guess that’s what happens when you are pregnant twice in twelve months…you feel like you’re pregnant forever. But as of today, the end is finally in sight.

I saw Dr. Risky yesterday for my last bi-monthly check up. From here on out, I’ll be seen weekly for antenatal testing. That started yesterday. When my name was called to go back, I stood up and had a giant contraction. I kind of doubled-over, because it took me by surprise, which got the attention of everyone in the waiting room. Fun times! I knew that was going to buy me some extra testing, though, and I was right. More fun times!

I did get an ultrasound, and I’d like to say that it was cool to watch The Acrobat move around, except I couldn’t see anything where I was. Apparently it was cool for Mike and Dr. Risky, because they kept saying things like, “Aw, look, he’s moving his little hands!” And “Oh, good, his testicles have descended!” Dr. Risky handed me a print out and it took me a second to really see anything:


Here’s your cheat sheet:

the acrobat

I should be a forensic artist.

The Acrobat is measuring ahead still, Dr. Risky estimated him at about four and a half pounds (or as she put it, “Almost out of the NICU already!”) But, since these estimates are based on head size and femur length, it’s not the most reliable. I mean, it’s not like The Acrobat’s daddy has a giant head or long legs or anything. So we shall see.

After more monitoring, Dr. Risky sat down with us to talk c-section. As you all know, my pregnancies are not without complications, and I have a variety of risk factors that don’t make me an ideal candidate for waiting until week 39 for delivery (diabetes, classical c-section scar, and clotting disorder, to name a few). Plus, with one baby born in her 28th week and one born in her 36th, I’m not likely to make it that far, anyway. So the plan is for me to have weekly antenatal testing and monitoring, I’ll go off my blood thinners at week 36 (or sooner, depending on what the testing suggests), and then sometime in my 36th week I will probably have a fetal lung maturity test. I am…not going to think about that too much because it is an amniocentesis and…blerg. I better get the best-behaved baby ever.

So, if everything goes well, The Acrobat will be born at the end of May. That’s…crazy! Whose idea was this?!

31w 6d

When we finally got home, I sat down on the couch for a minute…and ended up sleeping for four hours. And I woke up feeling not-awesome. So, maybe having this baby soon isn’t so crazy after all.

kisses for baby brother

It also helps to have a little girl who is wildly excited.