Thanks to everyone for your advice on my post yesterday. I think a lot of you missed that even though James had gained two-fifths of an ounce in ten days, he was still down half a pound from his birth weight at his two-week check. Dr. Loove made her recommendations to us about helping James gain weight, but left the final decision to us. She also asked us to please speak with a lactation consultant before we did anything since she (Dr. Looove) is not an LC and wanted us to get expert information. After consulting with a certified LC, Mike and I made the decision to start the nurse/pump/bottle routine.

It basically came down to this for us: breastfeeding alone is, at this point, not enough for James. The LC thinks that James might be a bit of a lazy eater who just isn’t properly working the breast. We could keep him exclusively on the breast and let him try to figure it out, but I have zero interest in hearing him cry with hunger every hour. That would be a very stressful breastfeeding situation for both of us, and one that I would definitely not do well in. Now that he’s gained ten ounces and is eating at reasonable intervals instead of constantly, I can see that he really was not doing well before. His diapers were barely wet, and his stools were not a good color. He’s sleeping better now and is so alert when he’s awake. And, he and I are much more relaxed now when he breastfeeds. It’s win/win for all of us.

My appointment with Dr. Risky last week went well. Everyone in her office was like, “Wow, you look so good!” This made me wonder just how totally terrible I must have looked there at the end because I wasn’t exactly high-style at my two-week check. Dr. Risky was pleased with how my incision is healing, saying it looked “puffy but good.” Ew. She also cleared me to drive and encouraged me to start taking a short walk every day.

At the end of my appointment, Dr. Risky asked me how breastfeeding was going, so I told her about James’s slow gain. She told me that many of her patients who had hyperemesis never have their milk come in. That made me feel better (although terrible for those women), because even though I was very discouraged that day, I realized I had options that other HG women do not.

The last five days have been a lot better than the first fourteen. I’m still tired (I might have overdone it on my daily walk yesterday), but James seems to be settling into a routine, which is allowing Mike, me, and Annie to get into a routine as well. It’s so great to be less-stressed, and having Mike be able to feed James is great. A few nights ago Mike took a feeding and let me sleep through it, and I woke up after five hours of sleep feeling like I could climb a mountain. I’m especially loving our new relaxed atmosphere at home that’s letting me get to know this little guy:

a skeptical fellow

The furrowed brow kills me.