My magic cocktail of drugs has started to work. The nausea pills will take a few days to kick in, but I can feel the antibiotics helping to move my sinuses a bit. The pain pills are VERY nice but I’m still paranoid to take more than half a dose. Hopefully after another day my pain levels will be manageable and I won’t need to take them. But so far, they are the only things enabling me to open my eyes to light.

Another Binky appointment down. Dr. Risky was true to her word and gave me an ultrasound. Although, I think she would have given me one anyway after my regular appointment work-up. I told her and the nurse about my sinus infection, the vomiting, etc. I lost weight, and my ketones were BAD. Ketones are produced when the body starts breaking down stored or ingested fat for energy. This can happen when you’re not getting enough carbohydrates (your body’s usual source of energy). And, since I’ve been even more nauseous than usual, my ketones were very high. That’s when I told her my primary doctor (Dr. Looove) prescribed me Zofran. She was happy about that, and told me if the Zofran doesn’t help after a few days to let her know and she’d prescribe me a higher dose. She said that primary doctors often go with doses lower than what OBs will prescribe.

The awesome thing about all that? Dr. Risky told me to overload on carbs. She said, “I rarely tell my patients this, especially the ones pre-disposed to gestational diabetes, but go crazy on the carbs!” So I had the best grocery store trip ever, buying tons of bread (mmm, Hawaiian sweet bread) and other carbs. I get to enjoy them freely until I have my diabetes test in a few weeks.

Despite my malnutrition, Binky is doing very well. Dr. Risky got some good measurements on the legs and head and she is VERY pleased with the way the baby is growing. Laying on the table, I don’t have the best view of the ultrasound screen, but Mike and Dr. Risky were treated to a Rockette-worthy kick show. Based on the way the baby was moving around in there, I think this baby is going to keep me up at night as the weeks progress.

Oh yeah – Dr. Risky said if she had to guess, she’d say girl. There was no true money shot, but we didn’t see any boy bits in there, either. She said the way the baby was moving around, we would have seen boy parts if there were any. Of course, without the money shot, I’m not running out to buy any pink stuff. But I’ve been leaning girl the whole time so I wasn’t surprised. Binky is just as playful as big sister Maddie, who kept her goods under wraps for twenty six weeks.

Next week is a regular check up, mostly for a nutrition/Zofran check. No ultrasound unless my weekly work-up is off. Dr. Risky thinks we can stretch out to ultrasounds every two weeks although she still wants to see me once a week. That works for me, now we just have to convince my insurance.