Yesterday was my weekly checkup with Dr. Risky. I was feeling especially pukey yesterday morning, so unfortunately I was unable to extend my record for not throwing up in her office pre-exam. Oh well. Fortunately, everything checked out great with the baby, and Dr. Risky doesn’t need to see me again for two weeks. Oh happy day. But, when I do go back, I finally have to take my gestational diabetes test. Blerg. So for the next two weeks, I will eat alllllll the sugar and bread! Just kidding. Kind of.

My belly is measuring on-target:


Annie wanted to get in on the action:

kissing the baby belly
For once, we were actually wearing pajamas because it was bed time.

Mike has been itching to take Annie sledding on the man-made sand berms in Venice Beach that the city puts up every winter. They usually go up in October and come down the second weekend of March. Since Dr. Risky’s office is only a few miles from Venice Beach, we decided to go after my appointment. And of course, the berms had been taken down early. Figures! Annie didn’t know what she was missing, but Mike was definitely bummed. We’ll just have to go back in October. Instead, we walked a couple blocks east and showed Annie the Venice Canals.

venice, ca canals

venice, ca canals

venice, ca canals

Normally the water level is higher, but unpredictable spring tides and algae have the canals at low-water levels. Annie didn’t care, though. She wanted to go in the boats, and on the bridges.

walking the bridge with mama

cresting the bridge with Daddy

After we explained to her for the 800th time that she couldn’t go IN the canals, we decided to take Annie to the famous Venice Boardwalk. There is usually a lot going on down there, but since it was a cloudy, windy, weekday it was actually pretty mellow. At that point, it didn’t really surprise me because that was just the kind of day we were having. But again, Annie didn’t care. She enjoyed dancing to the loud music each storefront had blasting.

dancing on the venice boardwalk

dancing on the venice boardwalk

She also liked showing us her big muscles outside of Muscle Beach:

annie shows her muscles at muscle beach

After I threw up in a couple trash cans I had to throw in the towel, much to Annie’s dismay. She could have danced on the boardwalk all night.