Thank you all so much for all of your suggestions for my migraines. I am writing this in a room with the lights off and my computer on the lowest brightness setting. Hopefully I can type all this out myself, but Mike has offered to take dictation for me, because he is awesome like that.

I’ve been suffering from migraines for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, I got them so often (four times a week, minimum) that my parents took me to neurologists to make sure there wasn’t something else causing them. All my MRIs and blood work came back clean, and the doctors said that it was likely just stress. Looking back, it definitely was. It didn’t help that I was genetically predisposed to them (my dad and aunt both get them), but I was a very busy teen and I remember having a lot of worries every night about all of my responsibilities (I wish I had those responsibilities now!). As I got older, the migraines became less-frequent, popping up only during stressful times like finals week. Now as an adult, I only get a few a year and they are always, without fail, timed with the arrival of my period. This really pointed to hormones being my trigger.

With my pregnancies with the girls, I got frequent migraines in the first trimester, but only a few in the later months. This time I made it through the first five months with no migraines, but a general low-grade headache that was annoying but manageable. But it’s really ramped-up in the last few weeks. Obviously there has been some stress with Annie’s arm and my allergic reaction, plus I’ve just been so anxious to make it to viability with this little guy. But my ever-changing hormones definitely are an equal contributor.

In my past experiences with migraines, very little has helped me other than sleep and time. I’ve tried just about every drug, cold packs (they actually make me feel worse), and caffeine. Caffeine does help when my headache is of the low-grade variety, though. And it strangely helps me very much with my nausea, so I drink a cup of coffee every morning. I am going to try everything else that was suggested, after I run it all by Dr. Risky and Dr. Looove.

When I saw Dr. Risky today, she was concerned and wants me to see a neurologist. Having seen them in the past, I know there really won’t be a lot he or she can do until I’m no longer pregnant. She also suggested physical therapy or a massage. PT really helped me during Annie’s pregnancy, so I am going to try to find a new therapist out where we live now. I also booked a pregnancy massage. I emailed Dr. Looove and she suggested acupuncture, so I will try that, too. And since so many of you suggested seeing a chiropractor, I called a few and as soon as Dr. Risky says it’s okay, I will see one. I will try anything at this point – I would even lick feet if it would help, and I don’t say that lightly.

Luckily, everything is going swimmingly with The Acrobat. My blood pressure (which was high for me last week at 131/80) was normal, so it’s not contributing to my headache. I had an ultrasound and Dr. Risky and Mike watched The Acrobat do somersaults – literally. Dr. Risky was like, “He was just facing the camera and I was about to get a cute picture of his face, but then he flipped over and now I’m looking at his butt.” And I told her that I knew, because I felt it. The kid never stops moving. It’s both reassuring and exhausting.

She did give us a lovely photo of the back of his giant Spohr Head.


He is growing well and has “beautiful fluid” surrounding him – music to the ears of any parent who has suffered through Oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid).  And my stomach is continuing to look pregnant, yaaaay.


This pregnancy is officially viable. Still much too early for a baby boy, but it’s a relief making it this far. I keep telling myself “You just have to hang in twelve more weeks.” Thirty six weeks is my ultimate goal, although I’d like a few more weeks if possible. But I made it to thirty six weeks with Annie, so I know I can do it. Even if I have to cut my head off to deal with these migraines.