Yesterday was my halfway ultrasound, with all the bells and whistles and the like. I always look forward to seeing The Acrobat, but I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this ultrasound because they make you drink a lot of water in a short period of time. Dr. Risky doesn’t require me to have a full bladder for ultrasounds, so this isn’t normally an issue. I did my best to show up with a full-for-me bladder (since I am always borderline-dehydrated, my bladder is only full about three times a day). Luckily that seemed to do the trick, and I only had to choke down one paper cup of water. I managed to keep that down until halfway through the ultrasound, so we all considered that a win.

I think the other reason I wasn’t crazy-excited for the ultrasound was I knew the tech performing it wouldn’t tell me anything. I learned that lesson the hard way during Annie’s pregnancy. I got situated on the table – it was freeeeezing, so the tech offered me a blanket for my arms – and she got started. If I craned my head all the way to the right, and tilted it until I felt like my neck ligaments were stretched to their snapping point, I could kinda sorta see the screen.


Mike had a great view, though.

The tech was, like I expected, quiet. Luckily, she was friendly and offered to print out pictures for us at the end. That meant that I was laying on the table, in silence, for about 45 minutes. I started to fall asleep. Okay, I actually did nod off a couple times. The blanket was warm! And 45 minutes of silence is rare.

The Acrobat was, as the tech said, a mover. Glad to hear he’s still living up to his name. He also, like his sisters before him, did not want to give the tech a look at his genitals. But because he was so wiggly, she finally got a good picture of them about two minutes before the end of the scan.

in utero penis
The first and last time I post a picture of a penis.

I was glad she got a shot of his man-bidness, because I would have spent the rest of the pregnancy thinking, “What if the other tech made a mistake? What if it’s actually a girl?” Basically, I would have driven everyone around me more crazy than usual.

The pictures the tech gave us were great.

The Acrobat, hand by his face
Hand by his face.

stretching his neck

The Acrobat, in profile
In profile

I should be hearing from Dr. Risky sometime in the next day or two with all the results from the scan.

When we got home, we showed Annie the pictures, and when she saw the one above she said, “He’s got a nose! I’ve got a nose, too!!” Then, “Gramma! My brudder has a nose!””

Who knew noses were so exciting?