I didn’t get the massive relief from the IV hydration like I was hoping. I don’t know, I guess I expected to feel like doing cartwheels or something? My headache did mostly go away, but I’ve had even less energy than usual. I’ve spent the majority of the last five days laying down, carefully sipping on soda water. I really think I could easily sleep for forty-eight straight hours. To top it off, the anti-emetic drugs I’m on have the lovely side-effect of drowsiness. But, as Mike pointed out, when I’m sleeping I’m not barfing! And not barfing is the goal.

In the morning I am going into the lab for some blood tests, and then we are flying up to Northern California to spend Thanksgiving with Mike’s family. Dr. Risky cleared me for the short flight, which is great. The idea of spending six-plus hours in a car when I’m feeling like this does not sound fun. Although, flying doesn’t really sound fun either, but at least it will be over faster. Annie is extremely excited about flying, though, so I’m hopeful that her enthusiasm will be entertaining and distracting. She wants to meet the pilot! She is a crack up.

It’s going to be a busy, tiring few days. Luckily, we’ll be with family, and knowing that Annie will have her cousins to play with will make me feel a lot better about being a blob on the couch. I try to power through the sick every day for her, but with 24-hour access to her cousins I have a feeling Annie won’t care what I am doing. I’m just hoping she’ll occasionally say hi to me.

Fingers crossed for a painless day of travel… and that I don’t have to use the barf bag on the plane.