Hi everyone,

Quick update for you all. Mike and I went to the doctor yesterday for
our 24 week checkup. I had a bag packed as my OB had said I would most
likely be admitted to the hospital. I had a sonogram, and it showed
the baby had gained weight in the last week, and now weighs a pound
and a half. Even better, my amniotic fluid had risen from 4 to 5.75 –
still REALLY low, but encouraging! So, with that information, Mike and
I and our army of doctors decided to delay hospital admission until
October 24th, barring complications. I’ll have another sonogram next
week to make sure things are still okay, and then I’ll be checking
into St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica on the 24th. At that
point, I’ll be given steroids to help speed up the growth of the
baby’s organs, and most likely the doctors will deliver the baby
within a month. Until then, I am still on bed rest, spending most of
the day laying on my left side while Mike takes care of me.

I’m sorry I haven’t returned every call and email – this has been an
exhausting six weeks and sometimes I don’t have the energy to talk
about everything. But your emails, phone calls, and well wishes mean
so much to us, we really appreciate hearing from everyone.

Have a great weekend,

Heather & Mike