Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give you the quick update about me. Last night around 1:45
a.m. I started bleeding heavily off and on. After speaking with my
Obstetrician, we decided that I would come to see her first thing at
8:30 a.m. unless my bleeding got worse. At 8:30 my doctor gave me a
thorough ultrasound to check on the baby and the fluids the baby
needs. Everything looked good and the baby seemed to be progressing as
normal. At this point, my OB thinks that what most likely happened is
one of my blood clots passed, but she couldn’t rule out amniotic
leakage. So, I am on bed rest until Friday, when I go to see my
specialist, who will do further testing. I’m also on antibiotics to
stave off infection.

It sounds pretty scary, and it definitely was for Mike and I this
morning at 3 am! Things look encouraging at this point and hopefully
the specialist will take me off bed rest on Friday after my visit. In
the meantime, I am laying here in bed, watching the news. In a word, I
am bored. So send emails! I’m sure to drive Mike crazy in a few hours,
so any distractions will be much appreciated.

Also, please forward this to people I may have forgotten. I don’t have
an address book on my gmail account so I had to remember emails off
the top of my head.

Heather & Mike

PS On the way out of the hospital, Mike and I shared the elevator with
everyone’s favorite plagiarist, Avril Lavigne. In my weakened
condition, I wasn’t able to convey the proper amount of disdain
towards her; disdain that only deepened when she let the door to the
parking garage close in my face.