I saw Dr. Risky last week for my final postpartum appointment. I left both kids at home and went by myself. Who knew a trip to the OB/GYN could feel like a vacation?

Dr. Risky was in a good mood, and I was, too (you know, because I was on vacation). It was really nice to be in her office and not feel like utter crap. I was joking around with her and one of her nurses, and Dr. Risky said, “It’s so nice to see you smiling instead of trying not to vomit!” PREACH, Dr. Risky.

My exam went well, and Dr. Risky said my scar looks “perfect” and “beautiful.” That’s great news for my lower-abdomen modeling career! I was also officially released from giving myself anticoagulant shots. I will (hopefully) never have to give myself another shot again. YAAAAY!

last shot ever
Last shot ever!

I will still have to take aspirin every day for the rest of my life, but that’s easy. I’m also very happy to no longer have a bag of used needles in my purse:

a couple week's worth of needles
What, is that weird?

I’ve spent so much time with Dr. Risky over the last ten months, so it’s strange to know that after this week (I’m having a small procedure on Thursday) I likely won’t see her or her staff ever again. I could probably go to Dr. Risky for my annual exam, but I’ve always had Dr. Looove handle that for me. It’s a little sad knowing that the team responsible for bringing two of my babies here safely is about to exit my life. However, I am thrilled to be moving on to the next phase, with these difficult medical days behind me and my sweet kiddos in front.

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