Another day down! Today is the conclusion of my 27th week of pregnancy. Tomorrow we start day one of week 28, yay! Every day is a victory. My next goal is making it to the end of the 28th week.

I had a busy morning of visitors. Tara, my Uncle John, Aunt Terry, cousin Leah, and my mom came by to hang out with Mike and me. It really is so nice to have visits from people, although I love the phone calls and emails so much as well. It’s all about the day being broken into segments. I am really tied to my bed here, at least at home I could get up and walk around (even though I wasn’t supposed to). Here, I have things keeping me in bed – my IV, the baby’s heart monitor, and my newest acquisition, my compression boots!!! These are the best things ever. When I was admitted to the hospital, my doctor originally had me wear compression hose – think thigh-high thick white stockings, SUPER tight, like I was trying to fit into tights I wore in fourth grade. The point of the compression hose is to help prevent blood clots. Pregnant women are already at risk for blood clots, so with my immobility on top of that AND the fact that I already had two big blood clots in my uterus, I’m like ultimate blood clot risk. Even so, I begged my doctor to let me take the hose off. They were hot and itchy and tight, and they were giving me shooting pains. Well, ask and you shall receive! I told my doctor how terrible they were making me feel and she said I could switch to compression “boots.” If you look at the picture above, you see what they look like. Now imagine the blue parts alternately filling with air. I am constantly getting a leg massage!!! They feel amazing. They are just as hot as the hose, but not itchy. And, they are easily removable! Okay, not really. But I like to pretend.

Mike and I hung out this evening, had dinner, and watched the final World Series game. Well played, Boston! I’m not happy about Gagne and Drew getting rings, though. Tomorrow is a big day for me. I’ll be done with my IV antibiotics (the antibiotics are helping me stave off infection), so I will be able to have my IV removed. And then, the best part – I will get to take a shower!!! Nope, I haven’t showered since I arrived. I’ve had sponge baths, though. They help, but there is nothing like a hot shower. I haven’t been allowed to shower because the first few days after revceiving steroid shots are very critical, and my doctors didn’t want to do ANYTHING to trigger labor. I’m down with that, of course, but I’m really sick of my nasty hair and natural aroma.

Breakfast: Raisin Bran, Sausage Egg Sandwich, Bacon, Decaf Coffee, Orange Juice
Lunch: Ham & Cheese sandwich on rye, fresh roll with jam, apple cobbler, Iced tea
Dinner: Sweeish meatballs with egg noodles, fresh roll, ice cream, iced tea
Home made macaroons from my aunt, fresh pumpkin bread from Tara, cold bacon