Well, my prediction was true, and it was a long night of being disturbed to change positions. My nurses watch Madeline’s heart rate on a monitor out in their station, and if it’s too high or too low for too long, they need to do something. Nine times out of ten, I just need to change positions to adjust the way the blood is flowing. Hopefully I’ll never have the situation where she’s in actual distress, because then I’d most likely have to deliver her. So, while it’s definitely disruptive to me to have to change positions every hour, it makes a difference to her so I do it.

Mike came by twice for a few hours each time. Our dog is at home so he can’t stay the night when she’s around, but it’s nice that he can come by at different points during the day. When he was gone, I mostly rested or had doctors and nurses come by. My OB is concerned with my protein levels…I don’t really know what that means in the long run, but every day my meals are totally loaded with meat. Blech. I just keep things interesting for my doctors. I took my daily shower and I was dismayed with how quickly I tired out from just a simple five minutes of standing. My doctor said I’m probably going to need physical therapy after Madeline arrives to help me get my strength back. Who knew laying down for nine weeks would be so debilitating?

In all, it was pretty mellow for me on Halloween, although the labor and delivery floor was bumping, according to my nurses. The floor was full of ladies in active labor who were PISSED about having a baby on Halloween. While I didn’t want a Halloween baby either (for different reasons), I think a Halloween birthday would be cool. Think about the fun birthday parties! Of course, Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday so I’m a little biased. If Madeline is born before Thanksgiving, she will have to suffer many Halloween-themed birthday parties.

Breakfast: Raisin Bran, Sausage Egg Sandwich, Decaf Coffee, Orange Juice
Lunch: Tuna salad plate (yes, even for a pregnant lady), roll, chocolate cake, iced tea
Dinner: Smoked turkey and provolone sub, lemon bar, iced tea
Halloween candy