Thank goodness, my migraine was pretty much gone when I woke up this morning. That was just too many days of headache for me. My nurses were very relieved that my migraine was gone, along with my low blood pressure. My night nurse told me last night that if those things didn’t go away, I was probably going to have to go back on IV fluids. If only a nurse had told me that sooner! I swear as soon as I heard that my headache went away.

My OB came by and was happy to hear that my blood sugar levels were under control. She told my nurse that if my levels stay low, I won’t have to test multiple times per day. YAY! My fingers look like pin cushions already. Good thing I’m not a hand model. My doctor also scheduled a massage from physical therapy for me. It was supposed to happen today (actually, it was supposed to happen yesterday, but with the headache it was pushed back), but no one showed. What a bunch of crap, right? So I’m going to complain tomorrow. I know, wah wah, no massage today, but I seriously NEED IT. I have never needed anything more in my life!!!

My mom was here with me today, and she gave me a great shoulder, head, and face rub to help ease my discomfort. We had a nice day visiting and relaxing. She also took a quick trip to Whole Foods to get me some Diabetes Approved snacks. Poor Mike, he is still feeling pretty sick, so he only came by for a quick visit. He spent most of the day either working on our house with his parents or resting. He looked and sounded much better than he did yesterday, so I’m hopeful that he’ll be even better tomorrow.

I also had one other visitor today. Seeing her was great!

Yep, it’s Rigby (ignore her creepy red eye)!!! My mom and Mike smuggled her in to see me by putting her in a back pack and zipping it up! I was sooo happy to see my little puppy. It’s been a long two weeks without her.

Breakfast: Cream of Wheat, 1/2 biscuit sandwich with eggs and sausage, milk
Snack: low calorie, no sugar yogurt
Lunch: 1/2 portion baked ziti, diet gelatin
Snack: Graham crackers, milk
Dinner: Honey glazed chicken, fresh fruit, milk