It appears, thank goodness, that The Diabetes can be controlled by diet. YAY. By removing the few things that tasted good from my diet, my blood sugar is hovering between 90 and 110 (it needs to be below 120). So my OB said today that I only have to test my blood sugar twice a day. Double yay! The finger pricking isn’t too painful – it’s all about where on your finger you stick yourself. The nurses have shown me that the side of the end of the finger is best because the nerves aren’t right there, and it still bleeds enough to get a proper reading. Still, I’m glad I only have to go through it twice a day. The nutritionist also taught me how to count carbs and all that, so I can finally eat outside food. Physical therapy STILL didn’t come. My doctor was pretty pissed about that, so hopefully she busted some ass and I’ll get my therapy next week. My specialists should be coming by this weekend, so we’ll get another measurement of Madeline’s growth.

I had some fun visitors today!!! Diane and her adorable daughter Meghan came by to see me this morning. Meghan was born at the end of August. Because of work and other things, I wasn’t able to go visit Diane and Meghan right away, and then I was put on bed rest! So today was the first time I met Meghan. She is such a little cutie! It was so great to visit with Diane and cuddle her little baby – it helped remind me what I’m doing this all for! Soon, Maddie and Meghan will be crawling around, playing and cooing. But hopefully not TOO soon, Maddie needs to stay in and cook a little while longer. Diane also brought Madeline the adorable little “Worth The Wait” onesie that is at the beginning of the entry. I have it hanging at the top of the bed near my head, reminding me that as much as I want to get out of this damn hospital bed, there is someone at the end of this worth waiting for! Good motivational work there, Diane! Mike and his parents also came by today. Mike is feeling better, although still not great, but he was up to visiting for a few hours with me and his parents. I feel so lucky that so many people have come to visit me. Mike’s parents came all the way from Northern California!!! It makes me realize how lucky I am. So many people care about our little family, I am so grateful.

Breakfast: 1/2 portion Cream of Wheat, 1/2 biscuit sandwich with eggs and sausage, decaf coffee
Snack: low calorie no sugar yogurt
Lunch: Chicken salad that looked like barf, sugar free chocolate cake
Snack: Graham crackers, milk
Carnitas tacos from Baja Fresh! YUM!!!