Well, I had my gestational diabetes test today. I had to drink a sugary drink (it tasted like orange soda), and then I couldn’t have anything to eat or drink during the course of the test. After a certain amount of time had passed, the nurse came in to draw my blood. She poked my arm three different times until she finally hit a vein. I was not pleased. During the fasting period, my nurse and her assistant took my vitals seriously a million times. I don’t know if that is standard or if there was some sort of communication error there or what. All I know is that it was super disruptive and I was hungry and thirsty! I couldn’t believe how dry my mouth was by the time I was allowed some water. Blech. I wasn’t expecting to hear anything for a few days, but apparently things move faster when you’re actually IN the hospital. My OB came by around 2 and told me I’d “failed” my test. She was quick to point out that while this didn’t necessarily mean I have diabetes, I would have to be retested with a much more elaborate test tomorrow morning. So I will be woken early, around 5 or so, and have blood taken. Then I will drink the orange soda again, and then my blood will be taken once an hour for three hours, for a total of four blood draws. Thank goodness my nurse for the majority of this test is the same nurse that gave me my IV. She is very gentle and I know she won’t just poke around on my arm until she finds a vein. Hopefully, everything will be okay. It goes without saying that Mike and I don’t really need something else to deal with.

Breakfast: Raisin Bran, Cream of Wheat, Orange Juice, decaf coffee
Lunch: Herb roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, iced tea, apple cobbler
Dinner: Country style pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, chocolate mousse, iced tea
none – staying away from the sweets today