My recovery from Annabel’s birth has been so amazingly easy that I should totally be the poster girl for c-sections. The contrast between how I am doing now versus how I was after Madeline’s birth is amazing. The circumstances were, of course, totally different, but I am really shocked by how good I’m doing. After Maddie’s birth I bled (heavily) for four weeks. After Annie’s I only bled (lightly) for six days. I took major pain medicine for weeks after my first c-section, this time I only take the occasional ibuprofen. Last time I wore maternity clothes for months, this time I’m fitting into pre-pregnancy pants (but don’t worry, the belly is still there). I’m glad I had no idea what  a “normal” recovery should be my first time around, because I definitely would have been freaked out.

But then yesterday morning, I started bleeding out of nowhere. I was surprised and a little worried, since I hadn’t bled for 12 days and this was bright red. Luckily, I was scheduled for my two week appointment with Dr. Risky. As she examined me I told her about the bleeding. She asked a few more questions, and then said, “It’s your period.”

I threw my head back and howled, “nooooooooooo!”

I got my period exactly 28 days after Madeline was born, and now I had it 18 days after Annabel’s birth. My. Body. Hates me.

But still, I was in denial. I asked her how that was possible, since I am breast feeding and it hasn’t even been a month since Annie was born.

“Oh yeah, it’s absolutely possible. You’re just one of the lucky ones.”

And then she said, “Let’s talk about your birth control options.”

So I said, “ABSTINENCE!” because HELLO!

She replied, “Yeah, but not forever, and you’re probably super fertile.”

I said, “all I have to do is tell my husband that and his penis will curl up into his body. Problem solved!”

She laughed and then handed me a prescription for progesterone birth control pills.

Now I have nine months of PMS slamming me. Thank goodness I can now eat chocolate.

I mean, this little thing is so cute I can hardly stand it:

Sweet Annabel

But she doesn’t need an Irish Twin.