I saw Dr. Risky yesterday for my regular check up. She wanted to hear about my contractions, so I told her that while the tenderness that had alarmed me a week and a half ago had gone away, I will still having contractions off and on. She didn’t like hearing that, based on my history.

She took me into the ultrasound room and checked things out. Luckily my cervix is still long, so that’s good news – the contractions aren’t doing anything. She decided to put me on the same anti-contraction med (Indocin) I was on with Annie at this point during her pregnancy. Since it can sometimes affect amniotic fluid, Dr. Risky took measurements of the fluid around The Acrobat. She declared his fluid to be perfect, and then we had the perfect shot of his beating heart. We could see the ventricles and valves and everything working in perfect harmony. Even Dr Risky said it was cool to watch. I really like that even though she’s been doing this for decades, she is still thrilled by things.

The Acrobat 21w 6d

Cheat Sheet:


When I go back in two weeks I’ll have another ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid. I’m also supposed to call if I have four contractions in an hour. I haven’t come close to that yet, and hopefully I won’t now that I have the new medication.

We also talked a bit about gestational diabetes. Until now, I’ve been on the “eat ANYTHING” diet, because we’ve been desperate for me to get calories. I’ve started to have more good days vomiting-wise, and my weight loss has stabilized. Yay! (Something I never thought I be happy about, ha). I asked Dr. Risky if I really had to take the gestational diabetes test, or if we could just declare me diabetic. It’s not that I WANT to deal with diabetes again, but since it’s statistically likely that I have it I would really, REALLY like to avoid the three-hour diagnostic test. I’ve taken it three times and it was absolute torture. I really cannot imagine taking it with hyperemesis.

Dr. Risky was very understanding and agreed that the three-hour test is awful. She left it up to me. After talking about it with Dr. Risky and Mike, I think I am going to go with the option to take the regular one-hour test, and if I fail that then we will skip the three-hour and declare me as having The Diabeetus.

There’s always a tiny chance I won’t have gestational diabetes…but I have a feeling I’ll be back in the Wilford Brimley club very soon.