My physical recovery from the D&C has been alright. I feel like I’ve been in a wrestling match or a fist fight, just sore all over. The fluctuating hormones have given me bad headaches, and my lungs have only just recovered from the anesthesia. The bruises and puncture wounds from my Lovenox shots are taking forever to fade, so I really do look like I’m in a Fight Club. Not that I would ever talk about that if it were true.

My arms are the worst. As Mike mentioned, I blew out two IVs before one of the nurses finally got one to take. The first one was on the side of my left wrist, and left a small precise bruise that blends in with my freckles. The second IV was on the back of my right wrist, and holy crap. It blew out spectacularly. The build up of fluid and blood made a hematoma so massive it literally looked like a thumb was growing out of my wrist. Even the nurses were a little grossed out. That spot is dark brownish-red, and wow is it sore.

Then there’s the spot on my left forearm, where my IV finally worked after lots of…digging.


My arm was so swollen in this picture that for a minute I thought I was looking at my leg. Ouch.

I would describe my cramps as a cross between a really bad period and post-c-section gas pain. It’s alternately uncomfortable uterine pressure mixed with sharp, stabbing pains. My stomach is still poochy and bloated. Pregnancy is so rough on me, but with all three of mine as soon as I got the positive pregnancy tests a switch flipped in me, and I loved every part of my body. I had all the body confidence I’d always wanted. Now I look at that small bump in my midsection with disgust. Not because of its appearance, but because of its emptiness…its failure. Ugh, I guess that switch flipped back pretty fast.

Mostly, I’m tired. I overdid it the last couple of days, so I just have to take a step back and let myself relax. Annie is very concerned by my bruises and offers me band-aids for the “boo-boo in my belly” whenever she gets the chance.

"Mama, I put a band aid on the boo-boo in your belly."

She makes all my boo-boos feel better.