I’ve started thinking about my hospital bag. This is an “improvement” over my last pregnancy, when I started stressing over my hospital bag in my 30th week of pregnancy. I’m almost 32 weeks and I’m only just thinking about it – progress! Although, I just looked at my post about packing my hospital bag during Annabel’s pregnancy and now the wheels in my mind are turning…I need to pause writing this for a moment and gather a few things…

Okay I’m back. I think I’ve been in denial about how soon this could all be happening. But Annabel was born in my 36th week of pregnancy, so I could have the Acrobat in a month. Holy crap. I should start preparing. Like, I should pull the Boppy out of storage and oh, I don’t know…get a crib.

Every night for the last few weeks we’ve been talking to Annabel about what to expect on the day her brother is born. I’m hoping to make it to my scheduled c-section day for a lot of obvious reasons, but one of the big ones is Annie. Besides all the little adventures I want to have with her before then, I really want this to be as non-traumatic as possible. Is it too optimistic to hope it will even be a great day for her? Knowing Annie, she could go from clapping with glee to having a total breakdown two seconds later…but I’ll be doing that too, so maybe she’ll just be empathizing with me.

Mike and I have laid out what we think the day’s events will hold because we’ve found she does very well when she knows what to expect. She is excited about riding to the hospital with Gramma and Bampa, and she knows that she gets the honor of announcing that her brother is here and what he weighs (Mike plans on whispering it into her ear after he leaves the operating room). We’ve told her that after Mommy and the baby are cleaned up and checked out by the doctor, she’ll be able to come into the room and see me and meet her brother. And she knows that she’ll have a few days of super! fun! sleepovers! with Gramma and Tia Leah while Mommy and Daddy are in the hospital.

Annie can basically recite the day’s plan back to us, which will be great if things actually go according to plan…but when do things ever go according to plan? But let’s just say they do. What else can we do to help Annie prepare? We read lots of books on being a big sister, she’s helped paint his room (and she reminds me every day that we need to finish his room, at least one of us is on the ball), and I let her look at the few items of clothing we have ready for him whenever she asks. Annie is spirited, but she’s also sensitive and I want to make sure I’ve done everything I can to prepare her for this humongous change in her life. I’m expecting some bumps in the road, but what else can I do to make the bumps a little less jarring?