That is one very heavy belly, my friends. I jokingly said to Mike two nights ago, “Will you hold this belly for a sec?” He put his hands underneath my stomach, lifted up, and said, “Whoa, you weren’t kidding about this being heavy!” And then I murdered him. Just kidding – I could never get through these pregnancies without my Mike. He listens to me cry, puts up with me, and rubs my back every night. And I know that if he could, he would absolutely hold my belly.

I only have a few more appointments with Dr. Risky, which is starting to freak me out a bit. I saw her yesterday and she said, “Almost done! Just keep that baby in a little longer!” Which was encouraging but also OMGIHAVESOMUCHTODO. I told her that my contractions have been picking up in intensity, but since they aren’t more frequent she wasn’t terribly concerned, especially since my fetal fibronectin test last week came back negative. Of course, if I start having more contractions, I’m supposed to head into L&D. I am really, really hoping that doesn’t happen, because with my luck, I’ll start having contractions at the beginning of rush hour and Annabel will end up delivering my baby on the side of the 405 freeway.

The Acrobat is still measuring big, which means I get one more ultrasound next week. I wasn’t expecting to see the little guy until he was born, so I’m looking forward to getting one more peek at him in his current habitat. Hopefully I’ll have a better view of the ultrasound screen next time.

My mom was kind enough to take me to my appointment, so she sat in the room with me for my exam. She got to hear The Acrobat’s heartbeat, and then she and Dr. Risky got into a lively discussion about vasectomies (file that under Things I Never Wanted To Know About My Dad and Things I Never Needed To Know About Penises/Scrotums In General). When we were leaving, Dr. Risky said to my mom, “Come back next week!” So they are pretty much Best Friends Forever, apparently.

hopefully not casting a spell

Just a normal day in the Spohr house.