Yesterday I had a double-whammy of a day with my glucose tolerance test and my regular obstetric appointment. Dr. Risky left all the decisions regarding the gestational diabetes test up to me. I could have skipped it and had her diagnose me with GD, or take the one-hour test, or the three-hour test. I decided to take the one-hour test just on the off-chance that I might pass it. I figured I’d lost so much weight this time, and every pregnancy is different…I could pass the test, maybe?

Nope. I failed it BIG. I am forgoing the three-hour test, which Dr. Risky is fine with. Based on my experience yesterday, there’s no way I would be able to survive a three-hour test. I think I was only able to keep it all down yesterday because I didn’t want to have to take the test again (if you barf you have to start over on another day), and also because I was pretty certain I’d catch something disgusting if I used the bathroom in the lab. Blech.

I was more ravenous after the test than I’ve been during this entire pregnancy. I had bites of every single simple carb and cookie the hospital cafeteria offered…which in retrospect, probably had something to do with how completely crappy I felt all day. Hyperemesis + Glucola + crap food = bad idea. But at least I got that last oatmeal raisin cookie in!

I make a lot of jokes about gestational diabetes (and my man Wilford Brimley), but the truth is I have mad respect for anyone who deals with diabetes on the regular. It’s going to be more challenging for me this time around on top of the hyperemesis, but hopefully it will go away after the pregnancy and I can go back to making bad food decisions. This pregnancy has revolved around food and eating/not eating so much that it will be nice to not think about food so intensely, but on the flip side it’s made me appreciate even more that this is most likely a temporary thing. And if it isn’t temporary, it will suck but eh. Worse things have happened.

But I will still make jokes! Otherwise the diabetes/hyperemesis/clotting disorder/preterm labor have won! Or something…sigh.

In other news, Dr. Risky had jury duty. If she gets picked for a jury like 87 high-risk pregnant women are gonna storm the courthouse. So instead, I saw the nurse practitioner for my exam. Everything looked good/stable, although my fundal height was measuring a bit big. It could be normal (Annabel measured ahead as well), but knowing Dr. Risky she’ll probably schedule an ultrasound in the next month. I’m not complaining, I love seeing my little guy.

loves him already

I can’t handle how much she already loves him.