As Mike mentioned on Friday, I was having some vision problems in both eyes on Thursday night and went to bed early. I’d worn my contacts for most of the day, which I don’t do regularly, and I chalked it up to eye fatigue. Friday morning came around and despite ten hours of sleep, my eyes were worse. I was seeing spots and flashes in my vision, almost like static on a TV screen. I also had a low-grade headache, and some of my friends insisted that I get my blood pressure taken.

I went to the local CVS pharmacy, where they have a free blood pressure machine, and my BP came back within the normal range. I tried to go on with my morning, and went to a local breakfast restaurant to get Annabel pancakes. But while I was sitting in a booth watching Annie color, my right eye slowly started to get darker and darker, and I had to admit that something was definitely wrong. I called Dr. Risky’s office, and her nurse told me to come to Labor & Delivery immediately.

We ran into Dr. Risky as soon as we entered the L&D wing, and she asked me what was wrong. I told her and she said, “That’s not good,” and had the nurses get me in a room immediately. I gave a urine sample, some blood, and was attached to monitors and cuffs. The Acrobat looked great, which was a relief. Everything was sent out to the lab, and then we waited…and waited…and waited. My vision went in and out, and I alternately felt like sleeping or vomiting. I’m sure I would have done plenty of the latter, but I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink all day.

Finally, a nurse and a resident came in to tell me that my tests had all turned up negative for preeclampsia. I was extremely relieved, but I still wanted to know what was going on with my vision. The resident said that if we wanted, she would call for a neurology consult, but that they likely wouldn’t be able to do much since I was so pregnant (meaning, no scans or imaging of my head). She then said that Dr. Risky was ready to send me home.

That’s when I pretty much lost it. I pulled my hospital gown up over my face and just cried. The nurse and resident were very understanding, and the resident even said that she wished she could deliver me to “put an end to my stress and pain.” I’m glad The Acrobat has this time to develop more, but I am mentally done because I was supposed to be done. These are extra days of vomiting, of shots, of testing my blood sugars, of having pinched nerves, massive anxiety, and now vision loss. I. Am. Done. This baby better come out in perfect freaking condition.

The likely cause of my vision problems is my clotting disorder – something to do with the antiphospholipid antibodies in my system. My hematologist (Dr. Blood) would like to run tests this week, depending on what Dr. Risky’s plan is for me…which is the million dollar question. I see her Tuesday morning, and there will be a plan in place by the time I leave her office…because I won’t leave without one.