I have an amnio this morning. I’m nervous. Not for the pain/discomfort, giving myself a shot every day has prepped me for that. I’m mostly nervous about the results. Dr. Risky wants to make sure The Acrobat’s lungs are mature since gestational diabetes can slow down development in that area. I’m also a little nervous that the amnio itself will cause my water to break, and then it won’t matter how mature his lungs are – he’ll be coming.

I’ve mentally prepped for this amnio by not thinking about it at all and staying as busy as my restricted activity level will allow. Totally healthy! I never wanted an amnio when I was earlier in pregnancy because of my history of my water breaking early, but since I’m at the end the risk for that is totally different. Plus, Dr. Risky and her whole staff have been acting very cool and casual about the whole thing, so I’m just copying them. They’re the experts!

I asked Mike to take a few pictures of me and Annabel yesterday…I’ve been soaking this kid up, knowing that it’s going to be so busy in the next few weeks and months, and I just wanted a few more pictures of the two of us before The Acrobat arrives.

She makes me so happy.

my girl

Then she said, “Mama, let’s show Daddy our bellies. Wouldn’t that be special?”



Labeling something as “special” is her new thing, and it cracks me up.

Fingers crossed for a good amnio and result…I’ll keep you all posted.

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