Hi Everyone,

Heather had her D&C today, and, as her OB told me in the waiting room after the surgery was finished, all went well. “All went well,” of course, is a relative term in this circumstance, as she was talking about removing what Heather and I hoped was going to be our sweet little baby. It’s best not to think about that sad stuff, though. Instead, I will focus on the positive – that the surgery “went well” without doing any damage to Heather’s insides, and she was able to come home. Oh, and it is over. That is a positive too.

It was a long day at the hospital, which was especially hard when we were there to do something so depressing. When you go to the hospital to do something exciting – like deliver your baby – you are willing to wait for hours and hours because you know at the end there will be a happy ending. Today though there was no happy ending, no carrot to get you through. Just a long, depressing day.

Though things “went well” generally, there were a few hiccups… Heather had a fainting spell, blew out two IVs (likely because of her clotting disorder and being a bit dehydrated from not eating for 24 hours and not drinking for 14), and by the time they finally got one to work she was pretty darn uncomfortable. Later, when she woke up from the anesthesia, she had some trouble breathing and needed oxygen. Luckily the doctors were quick and got that under control. Heather couldn’t stop saying, “thank you for taking care of me,” to everyone that came near her. Apparently that was the last thing she said to the nurses before she was put under, too. She gets very effusive when she’s all drugged out.

Heather is under orders to take it easy for a few days, so her mother, Annie, and I have been playing nurse. She seems in okay spirits, all things considered. I’m hanging in there, too. Still, I am glad that once I hit publish I will be able to go to sleep and leave this day in the past where it belongs.