You all have been very patient, and I am finally going to show you all how to do the bang twist – the hair style I previewed on twitter a few weeks ago. It’s a pretty rocking style if I do say so myself.

As I mention above, you will want to watch the Bang Braid video I posted. It will explain the whole “pulling only from the front” thing.

Also, You can do this with bangs of any length, but know the shorter the bangs the more random pieces you’ll have sticking up.

Finally, the most common question I get when I post tutorials is, “I have fine hair, how can I make this work for me?” I will tell you! The best thing you can do is apply hair spray or mouse, anything that will give your hair some added texture. Once it’s dry, run your fingers or a comb through the area, then style. It should give your hair enough grab to hold the style.

Any questions? Let me know!