Hey! It’s been so long since I’ve posted a hair tutorial. Probably because I wear my hair in a pony tail 99% of the time these days. Last week I actually did my hair (for a special occasion, obvs), and I posted this picture of it:

flat iron waves

The caption said, “I made this: waves with a flat iron.”

A bunch of people replied that they wanted to know how, and you know how I live to please…

section off your hair

Section your hair, and clip up any hair you aren’t working on so it’s out of the way. I had no product in my hair. It was day-old, meaning I had washed it the day before.

parallel to your face!

I have my iron on the hottest setting, but that’s what works for my hair. If your hair responds well to lower heat settings, that’s SO much better for your hair. Anyway, hold your flat iron parallel to your face – this is how you’ll hold it for this hairstyle.

start with a small section of hair

Grab a small section of your hair, then put it in your flat iron, still keeping the iron parallel to your face.

twist as you move the iron down your hair

As you move the flat iron down your hair, twist the iron by turning your wrist in. Hold the rest of your hair in your other hand to help guide it through the flat iron.

twist as you pull the hair through

Slowly but fluidly move the iron down your hair while you hold the twist. Don’t get frustrated if it feels awkward – it can take some practice.

twist and pull

All the way to the end!

nice ringlet

Your hair should look like this when it comes out of the flat iron.

curl all over


repeat on the other side!

You can already see how much more body my hair has after doing one side. The waves are soft and natural.

separate the curls

Once you’ve curled your whole head, gently pull the curls apart with your fingers. Do NOT brush.

Flat iron waves

Ta-da! Flat iron waves! You can use any size flat iron to achieve this look. Keep practicing – I know you can do it!