birthday favor printable

When it was Annabel’s birthday last month, I completely forgot about favors for her classmates until the night before the celebration. Her school doesn’t allow candy favors for holidays or birthdays, so I couldn’t run out and buy a bunch of cookies or lollipops. I briefly panicked until I remembered we had a bunch of leftover glow sticks from Halloween. I whipped out a printable, punched some holes in it, and slid in a glow stick. Crisis averted! A few parents in Annabel’s class asked me for the printable for their older kids, so I thought I’d put it here in case anyone else was interested in it for a class or party favor!

This is as easy as it gets: you just need card stock, scissors, a hole punch, and skinny glow sticks (these are the ones I got), and the birthday printable (you can download it here).


Just print out the PDF (there are six cards to a sheet), cut out the cards, and punch out the black holes. Thread the glow stick through the holes, and you’re set.

birthday favor printable

You could also have your kid sign it to make the favor a bit more personal!

free birthday favor printable

I’m definitely going to use this one for both kids for the next couple years – cheap and easy!

Any questions, let me know. Enjoy!