My brother’s sixteenth birthday party had a video scavenger hunt. This was back in the days when video cameras were huge – literally, because they recorded on VHS tapes. I remember my mom called a bunch of our friends’ parents to see who had video cameras we could use. That’s going to seem so crazy to our kids, since these days everyone has a video camera in their pocket!

The video scavenger hunt is a twist on a regular scavenger hunt because you’re hunting for “actions” instead of items. Each team films themselves completing the tasks on the list, and once everyone is back at the party house you watch each team’s videos. Kids of all ages can do a video scavenger hunt – younger kids will need a grownup to drive them around and supervise, while older kids can drive themselves. It’s up to you how the “winning” team is decided (or if there IS one!). You can assign point values to each task, or everyone can vote on the most creative or funniest teams. The point is that everyone has fun. Kyle’s party was such a blast that the following year we had another video scavenger hunt!

Of course, to keep everything safe and fair, you have to set rules:

1) NO BREAKING THE LAW. That means no speeding, trespassing, stealing, etc.
2) No splitting up.
3) All members of the team must appear on camera during each task.
4) All tasks must be filmed on the same camera.
5) Never disrupt a place of business.
6) Always be polite and respectful.
7) Safety first!

Jen and I came up with a printable list of tasks for a video scavenger hunt, and we also left some lines to add a task of your own. I suggest adding something specific to your town to personalize it! You can download a printable version of our list here!


If you have task ideas, leave them below!