As kids get older, their parties are less about characters and themes and more about “Mooooom, I just want my friends to come over, leave us alooooone!” But I don’t think that means you can’t still dress up your space to look festive. My friend Jen is going to a “glitter party” this weekend and we thought that sounded like such a cute idea – you can use it to keep your party space and decorations cohesive, or easily adapt it into a full theme with games and activities for younger kids.


1. You can make this cute glitter garland  yourself with sparkling scrapbook paper and a 2-inch hole punch, or you can buy it from this etsy seller.

2. I’m going to put glitter in all of my balloons from here on out. It’s so easy and looks awesome!

3. I love a good photo booth at a party, and this glitter backdrop would work perfectly.

4. These glitter invites are gorgeous.

5. You could easily do this with sparkly cupcake wrappers.

6. OMG. Just get some glazed donuts and edible glitter and you have the most amazing donuts EVER.

7. …and then you can use that glitter to make glittery cake pops!

8. …and then you can make glittery cookies! Edible glitter is everything.

9. Sugar-rimmed drinks are such a pretty (and tasty) way to dress up glasses.

10. Or, you can glue glitter onto your cups directly.

11. …and also onto your silverware!

12. Making gumball bracelets would be a great activity for younger kids (and you can always add glitter for extra sparkle!).

13. Recycled glitter crayons can be made in any shape or color.

14. Glitter slime monsters are definitely going to be made in my house this month.

15. Who doesn’t love a sparkly crown?

16. Glittered sidewalk paint is great if you have any space that isn’t covered with sidewalk chalk.

17. Put together a craft table with all the materials a creative kid could need and let them go to town!

You guys always have the best ideas – if you have any to share, leave them in the comments below!