Football season is almost here! For me, that means waking up early on Saturdays to glare at Lee Corso and root for my Alma Mater USC. Jen hates college football (sacrilege!), but lives for Sundays and her Green Bay Packers. Even if you don’t like football, the weekend schedule crammed with games makes a great excuse to hang out all day with friends, eat, drink, and have fun!



~ A Chalkboard Play Board is easy and sets the tone. You don’t have to know any plays, just draw some Xs and Os and arrows. If you don’t have a chalkboard (we don’t), you can use a big sheet of paper and markers.

~This paper chain is cute and easy enough that kids can get involved in the construction. You can do green and brown to represent the field and football, or you can do team colors to make it more festive.

~We used to have a Super Bowl Party every year (until Annabel was born right before the Super Bowl), and we always made an Astroturf field to use as a tablecloth. You can buy Astroturf at Home Depot or Lowe’s, or keep it simple and use a green plastic tablecloth. Use masking tape to make yard markers and you’re done! Football field table:

~I love these referee water bottles! Add some color-coordinating whistles for the perfect touch. Bonus: when the refs on TV piss you off, you can throw your water bottles across the room.

~Your guests can mark their cups by drawing their own plays.

Other ideas: Solo cups, crepe paper streamers, and paper goods in team colors are a quick and easy way to keep things festive. Toy footballs that you can place throughout the party can be fun (but don’t throw them in the house unless you want a Marsha Brady incident).


~I want to have a party immediately just so I can have a wonton taco bar. So much cuter than regular tacos or nachos!

~Apple Turnovers! So awesome.

~A Snackadium is the ultimate in football food displays (This one is still impressive but much easier to reproduce).

~Football Treat Cones are easy to make and can hold all sorts of yummy snacks.

~Cocoa Krispie Treats in the shape of footballs! So simple! So YUM!

Other ideas: The key to good foot at a sports party is to keep it low-maintenance. You don’t want to miss any of the game while you’re loading up your plate! Anything you can set out and leave (chips, dip, etc) is great! Stuff that you can throw in the slow-cooker or on the grill is also perfect. My slow-cooker chicken chili verde is a staple at our football parties, and my parents always used this easy marinade at their parties. If you want to have color-coordinated cupcakes, these food-coloring guides (this one for pros, this one for some college teams) will make sure your colors match your team’s perfectly.


~Sock coozies! So simple, so genius.

~Since LA doesn’t have a professional football team, I always say I’m “Rooting for Football” when the Super Bowl comes around. This year I will have to make this no-sew shirt to prove it! Football Shirt or Onesie

~Creative bingo games can keep even non-fans interested in what’s happening on the field.

Other ideas: Make your own mini goal posts and have halftime contests. Astroturf coozies would complement your sock coozies very nicely. Ladder golf is a totally addicting game, and it’s actually pretty easy to construct your own set. 

What do you have at your football parties?