When we flew back from Northern California on Friday afternoon, we didn’t head straight home. Instead, after we got in our car Mike and I turned around to Annie in her car seat and said, “Hey Annie! Want to go see Yo Gabba Gabba?!” She started shrieking when she realized that it wasn’t actually a question, and we were in fact going to see Yo Gabba Gabba. The girl was crazy excited. My ears are still ringing. If you read any of my posts from earlier this week you’re probably like, “Wait, didn’t you say Annie got sick on Friday night?” Yes, yes she did. But we didn’t realize it at first.

Annie fell asleep during the drive from the airport to the concert, which should have been our first clue something was up, but we just figured she was tired from the trip. Hell, I fell asleep in the car, too. But then she didn’t wake up when we grabbed some dinner, which should have been our second clue.

sleeping at dinner
Mike’s excited, though!

Luckily, she woke up once we were in the theatre. And in there, she was super-happy.



When the show started, she was into it right away. And this time I cried because she was happy! Unlike last year when I cried and Annie showed ABSOLUTELY NO EMOTION WHATSOEVER.

I was totally crying during the video, yes.

She danced her way through the first thirty minutes of the show. Then intermission came and all the air was let out of her balloon. She curled up on Mike’s lap and practically fell asleep. This was warning sign number three, and I finally thought, “Gee, I wonder if something’s wrong.” But before I could say anything, the show started up again. I pulled her into my lap and tried to get her hyped.

one of us is really into it
I am singing along to Biz Markie, respect.

And yeah, she wasn’t having it. So I whispered into her ear, “Annie, do you feel okay?” and she shook her head no. So I said, “Annie, do you want to go home?” and she nodded her head yes. So we carried her out of the theatre while the Gabba gang danced behind us.

She fell asleep in the car immediately, and when we got home we met up with my mom, who was bringing Rigby back to us. Annie ran up to my mom and curled up next to her on the couch. After a few sips of lemonade she said, “I can feel it in my tummy!” and then she puked all over St. Gramma.

I am really just choosing to focus on the fact that a) Annie wasn’t freaked out at the concert, and b) St. Gramma is awesome, and maybe a tiny bit of c) thank goodness she didn’t puke on me.