Last night, I thought I was 22 years old again, and I stayed out until 2:30 in the morning. Who do I think I am?!

A good thing happened at my office yesterday. A certain, uh…department came in first place against a bunch of other, uh, offices. Yeah. I know it’s lame that I’m talking in code, but you know, Google. Besides, if you haven’t figured out what office I work in by now, and you STILL don’t figure it out after this, just email me.

Anyway. So this happened:
ta da

There are perks to working here, because I was standing on the champagne-soaked field for that picture. You might also notice the time on the top of the board. 11:14. That’s PM. I’m totally in my jammies at 11:14 PM. But not last night.

I’m writing this all out of order. Anyway, the team actually clinched the title during the day, when another team lost. The powers that be in my office called us down to the second floor and gave us hats and shirts and gave speeches. And yeah, if you have ever sat next to me in a class or lecture, you know I am a talker. So, sorry Carlos and Ryan! I pretty much talked through the whole thing. Even when this picture was taken for the LA Times, I’m flapping my yapper. Sorry, General Manager!
Ned is all, "blah blah blah" and we're all, "ha ha ha!"

Although, since you can only see half my face, you’ll have to take my word for it. Stupid LA Times photographer!!!

I took my hat and joked that I was going to drink beer at my desk. But the only beer I had was this decorative one that came from Mexico and hasn’t been refrigerated in like three years. I asked people how much they’d pay me to drink it, but no one named a price. Probably because they knew they’d have to pay up. (I have a hard time backing away from dares.)
Championship Beer

After the night game was over, it was finally time to celebrate. My friends and I cheered in the seats.
A bunch of drunks. JUST KIDDING.

And then we went on the field. Luckily, I was not sprayed with champagne. Some of my friends were not as lucky. After that, we went to a bar and celebrated. The place was cool, but totally a scene, which isn’t really my style. Although, who am I kidding? My style, as I previously mentioned, is in my jammies. But I was determined to show that I could hang with everyone! And suddenly, the next thing I new, the bar was turning its lights on. “Holy crap!” I said, “Is it already TWO AM?!?!?! I HAVE TO GO!!”

On my drive home I realized I hadn’t eaten since noon. I was ravenous. So I stopped at Taco Bell and got three soft tacos and those cinnamon curly things. Then I sat on my couch and ate tacos at 2:30 am. Like I was in college. What the heck?! But you know what? Those tacos tasted freaking DELICIOUS.

I, not surprisingly, feel like a zombie this morning. Thanks to Maddie, I see 2:30am on the clock a lot. But I don’t usually stay up UNTIL 2:30am. And I’m not likely to again.

The 22 year old Heather weeps.