After her first week of preschool, it suddenly occurred to Annabel that the world didn’t stop turning just because she was in school. The first time she asked me, “What did you do when I was at school?” I didn’t want to make her feel bad (as if “well, honey, I went to the gym, and then I took a shower” is something to be jealous of), so I said, “Well, James and I just sat on the couch and missed you.”

Annie laughed, but then she said, “No Mommy, don’t miss me, I’m having fun with my friends! You need to have fun with Jamesie!” The next time she asked me what James and I had done while she was at school, I was ready.

“Oh, James jumped on your trampoline.”

“WHAT? No he didn’t! He’s just a baby!”

But I had proof.

While you were at preschool...I jumped on your trampoline.

I wasn’t certain how Annie would react, but she cracked up. After her next day of school, the first thing she asked me when she got in the car was what James did while she was at preschool. I was prepared:

while you were at preschool...I tried on your princess dresses.

She absolutely howled with laughter over that one. “JAMESIE! YOU LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS!”

Of course, now I’ve set myself up to do this every time she’s at school.

while you were at preschool...I played on your bed.

Good thing James has fun with it, too.

while you were at preschool...I surfed the 'net.

Hopefully Annie will still think it’s funny when James is actually getting into her stuff while she’s at school!

while you were at preschool...I put on your shoes.