Yesterday evening I heard some sad baby news, the kind that makes you hold your own baby close. The circumstances were close to ours, and I just didn’t want to let Maddie out of my grasp. I brought her little body into bed with us, and the four of us (Mike, Maddie, Rigby, and I) snuggled under our fluffy down comforter for the night.

I love to watch Maddie while she’s sleeping. I’ve taken lots of pictures of her when she’s in dreamland…her little face so perfect and soft. Lately, she’s been smiling in her sleep, and last night was no exception. I love to imagine what she’s dreaming about that makes her smile. Her sweet baby dreams.

Mike and I have a big bed, which works out well because Maddie tosses and turns a lot at night. Last night I would open my eyes to see that she’d turned completely around and was snuggling Mike with her feet in his face. Other times I’d wake to her settling her head onto my pillow with a contented sigh, her eyelashes mere centimeters from my face.

Maddie and Rigby have a love/hate relationship at the moment. Maddie loves Rigby, and Rigby hates Maddie. I’m sure this stems from the fact that Maddie like to yank on Rigby’s fur, tail, ears, etc whenever she possibly can. So you can imagine my surprise when I opened my eyes at one point, and Maddie and Rigby were in an extreme snuggle. Maddie was spooning Rigby, with Rigby’s nose just below Maddie’s chin. It was picture worthy, but even I don’t have my camera with me at 4am.

While she was snuggling Rigby, Maddie let out a big, juicy cough. We’re always happy when Maddie coughs, it’s good for her lung development and obviously helps her breath easier. When she coughed, Rigby raised her head as if to make certain Maddie was OK. Maddie let out another cough, and a little bit of her coughed-up mucus came out of her mouth and landed on the sheet next to her.

Rigby promptly licked it right up.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinners, everyone!!!